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      With many years of experience in many diverse areas including the commercial sector, we launched a business project which offers a wide range of options to commercial trade and supply chain clients.  Our knowledge on both areas is the basement to our services, and it also allows us to surpass our clients’ needs and expectations.
We offer specialized export services as international maritime transportation intermediaries (Ocean Freight Forwarder & NVOCC). Furthermore, as of year 2014, we embarked on providing Import Logistics consultancy services.
Our multicultural team of skilled and talented professionals, experienced in different countries, certifies us as high-performance facilitators within the exchange of goods and services worldwide.
We have strategic alliances which allow us to offer import customs and inland transportation services within the California area, and other Ports in the United States.
We endeavor to consolidate ourselves as a leading Company, transcending boundaries in the field of logistic services and solutions.

To act as a facilitating instrument in the exchange of goods and services, surpassing the quality expectation throughout every logistic task we conduct.

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